How To Get Nine Times The Prospects To Raise Their Hand and Ask For More Details From You... The Power of Strategic Risk Reversal

Over the last 33 years the single most helpful business strategy I ever learned was the power of a great guarantee. In this PDF I'll show you the exact six steps to create your own, with ease.
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The proven strategy that eliminates your prospects’ hesitations and objections instantly.  Their only question will become: “When can we get started?”
The counter-intuitive reason why the boldest offer doesn’t always win. Whether you know it or not, your offer may be scaring your prospects off, but not if you follow this simple technique.

The “Secret Sauce” that propelled Domino’s Pizza, Fedex and Walmart to become the dominant player in their space.

How great guarantees intrigue prospects. The phrase "we're so confident that we guarantee results" opens doors. Wide open.
The key to long-term success in business is high trust relationships. A great guarantee shows that you care about your Clients. A lot.
Because most others won't guarantee results, prospects see you as the best choice. It stands to reason, you guarantee, your competition doesn't. Therefore they want to do business only with you.

How great guarantees save you time. Eliminate the "let me talk to your past clients" objection. Great guarantees show that you will put your "money where your mouth is", so they put their money in your pocket.
and so much more...
Hi! I'm Tom Matzen...

Founder and Chief Movement Maker of Embark, where our mission is to empower 10,000 Authority Entrepreneurs to build global movements and seven & eight figure businesses by December 2024.

Creator of the Done-For-You Lead Generation Machine™ and Get It Together Mastermind™, the only business mastermind that literally guarantees results. 

These six secrets to creating a Strategic Risk Reversal have been used by me, my partners and Clients.  They’ve been responsible for more than one hundred million in revenue in dozens of industries all around the world.  

Without these, you’ll continue to suffer from inconsistent cash flow and those sleepless nights where you lie awake wondering where your next client or customer is going to come from. 

With these, you’ll become the most trusted authority in your space, effortlessly attracting even more ideal Clients who are eager to do business with you, a joy to work with, and naturally refer others to you. Use and enjoy!

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